100 Most Important Question Past Question of Nepal Pharmacy Council (Part-2)

 Past Question Nepal Pharmacy Licence Exam For Pharmacists

101. Are all of the following penicillinase-resistant penicillin EXCEPT?
a. Cloxacillin
b. Flucloxacillin
c. Ampicillin (Aminopenicillin)
d. Dicloxacillin
102. Anaphylactic shock caused by the penicillin group of antibiotics is treated by
a. Adrenaline
b. Cetrizine
c. Dopamine
d. Acetylcholine
103. Common sideeffect of Ampicillin is?
a. Diarrhoea
b. Headache
c. Myopathy
d. Vomiting
104. Beta-lactamase / Penicillinase is blocked by?
a. Ampicillin
b. Amoxicillin
c. Methicillin
d. Potassium clavulanate (Sulbactum/Tazobactu)
105. What is the target of potassium clavulanate/sulbactum/tazobactum?
A. Beta-lactamase
106. Penicillin is
a. DNA replication blocker
b. Protein synthesis blocker
c. Cell wall synthesis blocker
d. Causes leakage from the cell membrane

107. Which of the following is 3rd generation oral cephalosporin?
a. Cefuroxime
b. Cefixime
c. Cefaclor
d. Cephalexin
108. Which of the following dosage forms is not contraindicated in Infants? (Infant: Upto 1 Year)/Neanate(1month or 28 days)
a. Tetracycline liquid
b. Chloramphenicol drop
c. Aspirin Injection
d. Cephalexin Drop
109. Which of the following drugs is banned in Nepal?
a. Paracetamol Suspension
b. Vitamin E capsule
c. Tetracycline liquid
d. Amoxicillin Dry Syrup
110. Tetracycline acts by? (Mechanism of tetracycline is?)
a. Inhibiting protein synthesis (30s Ribosomal Subunit)
b. Cell wall synthesis inhibition
c. DNA Replication inhibition
d. Causes leakage from cell membrane
111. Are all of the following the side effects of tetracyclines EXCEPT?
a. Phototoxicity
b. Ototoxicity
c. Bone deformation3
d. Discoloration of teeth
112. The color of tetracycline is?
a. Red
b. White
c. Yellow
d. Brown
113. The drug of choice for cholera is?
a. Metronidazole
b. Tetracycline
c. Doxycycline
d. Clindamycin
114. Drug (Antibiotic) of choice for the acne is?
a. Chloramphenicol
b. Doxycycline ( 100mg OD for 6 months)
c. Tetracycline
d. Amoxicillin
115. Are all of the following the side effects of chloramphenicol EXCEPT?
A. Bone deformation
B. Bone marrow depression
C. Gray baby syndrome
D. Aplastic anaemia
116. Is gray baby syndrome the side effect?
a. Tetracycline
b. Chloramphenicol
c. Amoxicillin
d. Clindamycin
117. Which aminoglycoside is given orally?
a. Gentamycin
b. Neomycin
c. Kanamycin
d. Streptomycin
118. Which aminoglycoside is usually used as an antibiotic for first-line anti-tubercular therapy?
a. Gentamycin
b. Kanamycin
c. Streptomycin
d. Neomycin
119. Which of the following drugs may cause Nephrotoxicity?
a. Tetracycline
b. Amoxicillin
c. Aminoglycosides (Nephrotoxicity/ Photoxicity)
d. Doxycycline
120. Which macrolide antibiotic is used for the management of H.pylori Infection?
a. Erythromycin
b. Clarithromycin
c. Azithromycin
d. Roxithromycin
121. Which of the following rings is present in macrolides?
a. Microcyclic ring
b. Catechol ring
c. Large macrocyclic Lactone ring
d. Benzene Ring
122. The drug of choice for UTI (Urinary Tract infection) is?
a. Azithromycin
b. Nitrofurantoin (100mg TDS)
c. Ciprofloxacin
d. Ofloxacin
123. Fancony syndrome is caused by?
A. Ciprofloxacin
B. Tetracycline (Expired Tetracycline- Epitetracycline)
C. Doxycycline
D. Erythromycin
124. Which of the following drugs belongs to Oxazolidinones?
a. Vancomycin
b. Nitrofurantoin
c. Linezolid (600mg)
d. Ofloxacine
125. Which of the following drug combinations is banned in Nepal?
a. Ampicillin+Cloxacillin
b. Amoxicillin + Clavulanic acid
c. Paracetamol + Ibuprofen
d. Metronidazole+ Ciprofloxacin
126. Which of the following is known as social disease?
a. Leprosy
b. Tuberculosis
c. Whooping Cough
d. Both a and b
127. Mountex test is done to detect the?
a. Old Tuberculin (Tubeculosis)
b. Leprosy
d. Rheumatoid Arthritis
128. Is the orange-red coloration of urine a side effect?
a. Ethambutol
b. Pyrazinamide
c. Rifampicin
d. Isoniazid
129. Are vision disturbances(optic neuritis) the side effect?
a. Ethambutol
b. Pyrazinamide
c. Rifampicin
d. Isoniazid
130. Pyridoxine is always given with?
a. Dapsone
b. Rifampicin
c. Isoniazid
d. Pyrazinamide
131. Which of the following drugs is not given with dairy products (Calcium containing substances)
a. Chloramphenicol
b. Tetracycline
c. Rifampicin
d. Ibuprofen
132. Peripheral Neuropathy is the side effect of?
a. Pyrazinamide
b. Isoniazid
c. Rifampicin
d. Ethambutol
133. Mycobacterium tuberculin is the? ( Causative agent of TB)
a. Gram-negative bacteria
b. Gram-Positive Bacteria
c. Acid Fast bacillus (AFB)
d. Spore-forming bacteria
134. When is Pharmacist Day celebrated?
a. JULY 15
b. JULY 25
135. Who was the first director general of DDA?
a. Dr. Shanta Lal Joshi
b. Dr. Amir Bahadur Shrestha
c. Dr. Shiva Bahadur Karki
d. Dr. Purushwotam Suwal
136. When was the certificate level of Pharmacy started in TU/IOM?
a. 1964AD
b. 1972AD
c. 2004AD
d. 2007AD
137. When was the Diploma In Pharmacy started in CTEVT?
a. 2061 BS
b. 2062 BS
c. 2063BS
d. 2064BS
138. Which of the following is the first private pharmaceutical industry in Nepal?
a. Quest Pharmaceutical
b. Chemidrug Laboratories
c. National Healthcare
d. Lomus Pharmaceuticals
139. When was chemidrug established?
a. 2022BS
b. 2026BS
c. 2029BS
d. 2030BS
140. When was the Drug Act authenticated?
a. 2034BS
b. 2035BS
c. 2036BS
d. 2037BS
141. For the first time, DDA was established under the?
a. Ministry of Health
b. Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation
c. Ministry of Industry
d. Ministry of Finance
142. When DDA was established?
b. 2036BS(2036-07-01)/2nd half of 2036
c. 2037BS
d. 2038 BS
143. Where did the pharmacy profession start in Nepal?
a. DDA
b. NML
c. Banaspati Bibhag
d. Pharmacy Council
144. Was the Narcotic Drug Control Act promulgated?
a. 2033BS
b. 2034BS
c. 2037BS
d. 2038BS
145. Who is the chairperson of the drug consultative council? (DCC&DAC-Regulation: 2037)
a. Secretary ministry of health(Drug advisory Committee-Chairperson)
b. Honorable minister of health
c. Chief Drug Administrator (Member secretary of Drug Consultative Council)
d. Chief of NML
146. When Drug registration rules were published?
a. 2037BS
b. 2038BS
c. 2039BS
d. 2040BS
147. Which Drug Registration Rules 2038 schedule is related to the Shop registration certificate?
a. Schedule 8
b. Schedule 9
c. Schedule 10
d. Schedule 11
148. When were drug Inquiry and inspection regulations formed? 
a. 2038
b. 2040
c. 2041
d. 2043
149. Was the code on drug sales and distribution published? 
a. 2070
b. 2071
c. 2072
d. 2073
150. Nepal Pharmacy Council was established in?
a. 2056BS
b. 2057BS (Nepal Pharmacy Council ACT)
c. 2058BS (Establishment)
d. 2059BS (Nepal Pharmacy Council Regulation)
151. What is the term of office of the Members of Nepal Pharmacy Council?
a. 2 Year
b. 4year
c. 5 Year
d. 10 Year
152. Which chapter of the Nepal Pharmacy Council Act 2057 is related to Name Registration?
a. Chapter 2
b. Chapter 3
c. Chapter 4
d. Chapter 5
153. What is the minimum required qualification to be the chairperson of the Nepal Pharmacy Council?
a. B pharma+ 5year Experience
b. Diploma+ 10 Year Experience
c. Bpharma+ 10 Years of Experience
d. M.Pharmacy
154. In which year did the Nepal Pharmacy Council conduct the name registration license examination for the first time?
a.     2071BS (1st 2071-06-04 2nd: 2071-09-12)
b. 2072BS
c. 2073BS
d. 2074BS
155. National Drug Policy was published in?
a. 2050BS
b. 2051BS (1995AD)
c. 2052BS
d. 2053BS
156. Which section of National Drug Policy 1995 Relates to the prudent use of antibiotics? 
a. 4.3.1
b. 4.3.2
c. 4.3.3
d. 4.3.4
157. Consumer Protection Act was published in? 
a. 2055
b. 2054 BS(2075BS)
c. 2053
d. 2052
158. Which code is also known as the GMP of Nepal?
a. Drug sales and Distribution code
b. Drug Manufacturing code
c. Enquiry and Inspection Regulation
d. Drug standard Regulation
159. Which section of the Drug Act 2035 is related to fixing prices?
a. Section 24
b. Section 25
c. Section 26
d. Section 27
160. Who is responsible for the banning of drug items in Nepal?
a. MOH (Government of Nepal)
b. DDA
c. NML
d. Nepal Police
161. Which is not included in the preamble of the Drug Act? (Are the following parameters included in the Preamble of Drug Act EXCEPT?)
a. Distribution of drug
b. Consumption of Drug
c. Clinical Trial of Drug
d. Storage of Drug
162. Which section of the Drug Act 2035 describes the clinical trial of a drug?
a. 31
b. 32
c. 33
d. 34
163. If the drug is not safe, Efficacious, and of quality standard, such type of drugs should be returned to the manufacturer as mentioned in section ……. Of Drug Act 2035?
a. 13
b. 14
c. 15
d. 16
164. How many licenses/certificates should domestic manufacturers need to bring the product into the market?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
165. Which section of the Drug Act 2035 gives categorization of drugs?
a. 16
c. 18
d. 19
166. Drugs are categorized into Classes and Subclasses given by?
a. Drug act
b. Drug standard regulation
c. Drug Manufacturing Code
d. Drug Enquiry and Inspection regulation
167. The Nepal Medical Council Act was published in?
a.     2020BS (1964AD)
b. 2021BS
c. 2022BS
d. 2023BS
168. What is the validity period of the Shop registration certificate after 1st time issuance?
a. 3Year
b. 2 year
c. 1 year(After first time renew/for the 2nd time)
d. 4 year
169. The validity period of the Name registration certificate of (NPC)
a. 5year
b. 4 year
c. 3 years
d. 2 years
170. Prohibition on misuse and abuse of drugs is mentioned in the section:
a. 18
b. 19
c. 20
d. 21
171. Who cannot be an analyst in Nepal?
a. Diploma In Pharmacy
b. Bpharma
c. Bsc. Chemistry + 3 year experience
d. Msc. Chemistry
172. Who cannot be the Drug inspector in Nepal?
a. M.pharma
b. B.pharmacy
c. Diploma In pharmacy + 5 year of experience
d. Bsc Chemistry
173. What is the penalty if an expired drug / Narcotic drug/ Adulterated drug is not likely to cause any organ damage or Death of a patient?
a. Life time imprisonment
b. 10 Year Imprisonment + 1 lakh fine
c. 5 Year Imprisonment + 50 Thousand Fine
d. 3 year Imprisonment + 25 Thousand Fine
174. Which time is recommended to the Inspector for the inspection in Nepal?
a. 7AM-7PM
b. Sunrise to Sunset
c. 10AM – 4PM
d. Any Time
175. Which of the following is not mentioned in the Drug Act?
a. Patient Rights (Patent Right is included in section 36)
b. Clinical Trial
c. Price fixing
d. Adulteration of drug
176. If any rules have to be made regarding drugs under the Drug Act, the Government of Nepal may plan to publish such acts as per section……. Of Drug Act?
a. 35
b. 37
c. 40
d. 25
177. Which section of the Drug Act 2035 describes the power of the government to prohibit the sale, distribution, and Export import of Drugs?
a. 25
b. 26
c. 27
d. 28
178. Section 24 of the Drug Act 2035 describes the?
a. Sending samples of drugs by analyst
b. Sending a sample of a drug by Inspector
c. Sending sample of drugs by Administration
d. Sending a sample of a drug by a Police inspector
179. Is the power of Inspector mentioned in a section of the Drug Act?
a. 10
b. 20
c. 30
d. 35
180. Drugs must be registered for sale and distribution in the market as described in section……….
Of drug act?
a. 10
b. 10A
c. 11
d. 12
181. Who cannot sell and distribute drugs in Nepal?
a. Diploma In Pharmacy
b. B.pharmacy
c. MD. In Pharmacology
d. M.pharmacy
182. Bir Hospital was established in?
a.     1890AD (1947BS)-1889AD
b.     1980AD
c. 1870AD
d. 1970AD
183. First pharmacist of Nepal?
a. Amir Bahadur Shrestha
b. Purna Prasad lamsal
c. Mohan Lal Joshi
d. Shanta Raj Joshi
184. Which university initiates the pharmacy course in Nepal
a. Kathmandu University (B.pharmacy)
b. Tribhuwan University
c. Pokhara University
d. Purwanchal University
185. Which university does not have pharmacy course study?
a. Pokhara University
b. Purwanchal University
c. Open University
d. Kathmandu University
186. NPA was established in (Nepal Pharmaceutical Association)
b. 1972AD (2029BS)
c. 1984AD
d. 2010AD
187. When was APPON ( Association Pharmaceutical Producers of Nepal) established?
a. 1885AD
b. 1990AD (2047BS)
c. 1995AD
d. 2011AD
188. Royal Drug Limited(RDL), Recently known as Nepal Drug Limited(NDL) was established in
a. 2022BS(NML)
b. 2025BS
c. 2029BS
d. 2032BS
189. When was the Drug Act revised for the first time?
a. 2035BS
b. 2036BS
c. 2045BS (1st Amendment)
d. 2057BS (2nd Amendment)
190. Which of the following is the most degradable dosage form?
a. Tablet
b. Capsule
c. Powder
d. Solution
191. Which dosage form is known as hydroalcoholic preparation?
a. Solution
b. Suspension
c. Elixir
d. Tablet
192. Which of the following liquid dosage forms is given via the rectal route?
a. Enema
b. Syrup
c. Lotions
d. Gargle
193. Suppositories are not inserted into the?
a. Rectum
b. Vagina
c. Oral cavity
d. Nasal cavity
194. Which of the following additives is used to improve powder flow properties from the hopper?
a. Binder
b. Lubricant
c. Glidiant
d. Sweetening Agent
195. Which excipients are used as both a binder and disintegrating agent?
a. Starch
b. Microcrystalline cellulose
c. Talc
d. Sucrose
196. Which of the following additives is used to enhance the viscosity of substances?
a. Starch
b. Purified polysaccharides
c. Talc
d. Sucrose
197. Which of the following dosage forms must be sterile and Isotonic?
a. Tablet
b. Injection
c. Solution
d. Syrup
198. Which of the following dosage forms must be isotonic and sterile?
a. Syrups
b. Eye drops
c. Solutions
d. Tablets
199. How is the pH of the buffer system calculated?
a. Handerson hasselbalch equation
b. Beers lamberts law
c. Noyes Whitney equation
d. None of the above
200. Which of the following pharmacopeia is not recognized in Nepal?
a. Chinease Pharmacopoeia
b. Indian Pharmacopoeia
c. Japnease Pharmacopoeia
d. United states Pharmacopoeia

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