Nepal Pharmacy Council Website Model Questions with answer (Part-2)

Nepal Pharmacy Council Website  Model Question with answer for bachelor in pharmacy license exam
 101. Does the mass spectrometer separate ions based on which of the following?
A. Mass 
B. Molecular weight 
C. Mass to charge ratio
D. Charge
102. -------------------- is also called the back titration method: 
A. Mohr's method 
B. Volhard's method 
C. Turbidity method
D. Adsorption indicator method
103. Polarimetry is based on the principle of --------------------: 
A. Gyration 
B. Vibrational motion 
C. Translation motion
D. Optical rotation

104. During the calibration of the spectrophotometer, you obtain a nonlinear plot curve, 
Which of the following is not responsible for it: 
A. Monochromatic prism 
B. Accurate absorption maximum 
C. Highly diluted solution
D. Old instrument
105. Which of the following is not true about High-performance liquid chromatography 
A. It requires high pressure for the separation 
B. Not necessary to vaporize the samples
C. It is performed in columns
D. It has high sensitivity
106. In a chromatogram, can the area under the peak be used to determine which of the 
A. Components of sample 
B. Amount of components in the sample 
C. Column resolution
D. Column efficiency
107. NMR spectroscopy indicates the chemical nature of the __________ and spatial positions of
A. Electrons, Protons 
B. Nuclei, electrons 
C. Neutrons, electrons
D. Nuclei, neighboring nuclei
108. Shifting of absorption maxima towards a longer wavelength is known as -----------------
A. Bathochromic 
B. Hypochromic 
C. Hypsochromic
D. Hyperchromic
109. Which one of the following is a Protophillic solvent used in non-aqueous titration:
A. Chloroform 
B. Alcohols 
C. Liquid ammonia
D. Organic acids
110. Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) is a strong oxidant, and its indicator in acidic pH
the violet MnO4 is converted to colorless Mn2+ but in alkaline pH, MnO4
is converted to ---- MnO4-2
A. Colourless 
B. Red 
D. Pink
111. The major role in the selection of drugs in the hospital is played by:
A. Drug and therapeutic committee. 
B. Ministry of Health 
C. Hospital Pharmacy
D. Hospital Director.
112. All of the following are the Drug Financing schemes except:
A. Cost recovery 
B. Insurance 
C. Sharing scheme
D. Individual purchase.
113. The essential Drug has all the properties except:
A. Vital in hospital. 
B. Selected by formulary 
C. Affordable and widely available
D. New Molecule.
114. Quality Assurance is:
A. Normal concept covering the quality issues
B. Focused activity concerning product release
C. Wide-ranging concept covering all issues of quality
D. Philosophy of guidance.
115. All of the following are regulated by the Drug Act except:
A. Patent Right 
B. Drug Advertisement. 
C. Clinical Trial.
D. Price control
116. Marketing permission of drug brand is issued according to:
A. Anusuchi – 5Kha 
B. Anusuchi–4 Kha 
C. Anusuchi–8 Ga.
D. Anusuchi –9
117. Drugs Act of Nepal is concerned with the following EXCEPT:
A.  Efficacy 
B. Abuse 
C. Safety
D. Availability
118. The Bodies that provide advice to the Government of Nepal regarding the fundamental principles and administrative matters related to drugs are:
A. Drug Advisory Committee 
B. Nepal Pharmacy Council 
C. Drug Consultative Council
D. Nepal Health Research Council
119. As per the Narcotic Drug Control Act, 2033, Narcotic is defined as the following substances...
A. Lorazepam
B. Buprenorphine
C. Codeine
D. Codeine Syrup containing 3mg/5ml not exceeding 60 ml pack size
120. National Drug Policy emphasizes on which of the following
A. Quality, Safety, and Efficacy
B. Quality, Safety, Availability and Efficacy
C. Quality, Safety, Availability, Affordability and Efficacy
D. Quality, Safety, and Availability
121. The pharmacy registration license becomes void if not renewed within …
A. 35 days of expiration 
B. One year after expiration 
C. Three months after the expiration
D. Five years after expiration
122. "Early diagnosis and Treatment" statement is related to
A. Primordial level of prevention
B. Primary level of prevention
C. Secondary level of prevention
D. Tertiary level of prevention
123. Which one of the following is not a method of health education?
A. Personal Method 
B. Group Method 
C. Individual Method
D. Mass Method
124. All are types of audio-visual aids except
A. Television 
B. Flip Chart 
C. Cinema
D. Street Drama
125. It is the process of making thoughtful & systematic decisions about what needs to be
done, how it has to be done, by whom, and with what resources. The statement is related
A. Deciding 
B. Planning 
C. Organizing
D. Coordinating
126. All are departments of the Ministry of Health and Population except
A. Department of Drug Administration
B. Department of Health Services
C. Department of Homeopathy
D. Department of Ayurveda
127. Which healthcare management model uses tax revenue from the government to fund and provide healthcare?
A. Bismarck Model or "Sickness Funds"
B. Beveridge Model or "Socialized Medicine Model"
C. The National Health Insurance Model
D. The Out-of-Pocket Model
128. The concept of Primary Health Care was declared in
A. Jakarta Declaration 1997
B. Alma Ata 1978
C. Istanbul Declaration 1996
D. Alma Ata 1878
129. The major source of healthcare financing in Nepal is
A. out-of-pocket expense
B. government support
C. insurance
D. international organization
130. Hib vaccine is used to prevent;
A. Influenza 
B. Whooping cough 
C. Leprosy
D. Pneumonia
131. A set of attitudes and behaviors considered appropriate for a specific occupation is known as;
A. Professionalism 
B. Practice 
C. Patent
D. Professional
132. Which of the following drugs is banned in Nepal?
A. Paracetamol + Ibuprofen 
B. Naproxex
C. Phenacetin and its combination 
D. Paracetamol suspension
133. Narcotic substances are controlled by
A. DoHS 
C. Ministry of Home Affairs 
134. Which is the most suitable method for disposal of expired medicines in retail
A. Sending to municipal waste 
B. Immobilization 
C. Incineration
D. Returning to suppliers
135. Copying words for ideas without giving credit for the original idea or language is referred
to as
A. Copyrighting 
B. Broadcasting
C. Referencing 
D. Plagiarizing
136. The primary objective of the immunization program is
A. Prevent disease transmission 
B. Prevent disease
C. Prevent infection 
D. Improve lifestyle
137. The following component is not included in the labeling
A. Diagnosis 
B. Quantity 
C. Manufacture's Address
D. Improve lifestyle
138. School health programs are planned in the:
A. Ministry of Education document
B. Ministry of Health document
C. National drug policy
D. National health policy
139. Large groups of people are usually observed in studies, and their exposure to specific risk factors is recorded to identify potential disease causes.
A. Cohort 
B. Case-control 
C. Cross-sectional study
D. Case report
140. Select the beta-lactamase inhibitor
A. Griseofulvin 
B. Sulphamethoxalate 
C. Clavulanic acid
D. Tetracycline
141. Which of the following describes the effect of sodium cromoglycate
A. Mast cell degranulation 
B. Leukotriene 
C. Mast cell stabilization
D. Glucocorticalagonism
142. Crystalluria is the side effect associated with
A. Quinolones 
B. Sulphonamides 
C. Azoles
D. Taxol
143. Which of the following is a female sex hormone
A. Stilbesterol 
B. Estrogen 
C. Testosterone
D. Benzestero
144. What is the full form of ICC in a hospital:
A. Infection control committee
B. Infection control compartment
C. Infection Control Council
D. Infection coordination committee
145. The established temperature for the cold chain system is
A. above 25°C
B. 2-8°C
C. up to 25°C
D. 8-25°C
146. Rauwolfia is a medicinal plant. Is the Drug from this plant used to cure the disease?
A. Hypertension 
B. Peptic ulcer 
C. Hypotension
D. Thyroid
147. What is the typical side effect of Atropine?
A. Sweating 
B. Dry mouth 
C. Urine flow
D. Metallic taste
148. Which of the below listed is correct regarding the dose of Azithromycin 500mg?
A. 1x1x8 
B. 1/2x1x2 
C. 2x1x5
D. 1x3x5
149. If you are looking after a store as a pharmacist in a hospital, the stock of anti-snake
venom is no or minimal turnover, what does it mean:
A. Dead inventory 
B. Lead time 
C. Duplication of stock
D. Live inventory
150. The objective of "Drug Information Service Division" does not include:
A. Maintain the Literature file
B. Prepare the Hospital Pharmacy newsletter
C. Helps in updating hospital formulary
D. Maintain the list of antidotes
151. Which one of the drugs is likely to cause intestinal perforation?
a.Aminobenzoic acid 
c. Domperidone
d. Kaolin & Pectin
152. How many grams of anhydrous dextrose is needed to prepare 50 ml of an isotonic solution
of Amethocaine 0.5%? (NaCl equivalent of Amethocaine =0.19, NaCl equivalent of
c. 0.48
d. 3.6
153. Corticosteroids should not be withdrawn abruptly because of the shown
a. Adrenal insufficiency 
b. Kidney failure 
c. Tapered dose
d. Defect of the adrenal gland
2. Chronic alcohol users are associated with which vitamin deficiency?
a. Vit B complex 
b. Vit A 
c. Vit C
d. VitB12
154. Which one of the following is penicillinase-resistant penicillin………
c. Ampicillin
d. Phenoxymethyl penicillin
155. The tapering dose is related to one of the following drugs.
a. Salbutamol
b. Prednisolone
c. Diazepam 
d. Ciprofloxacin
156. Which medication has a higher risk of causing pulmonary toxicity among the others?
a. Aminobenzoic acid 
b. Chlorpromazine 
c. Amiodarone
d. Ceftriaxone
157. The effect of oral contraceptive pills is inhibited by …………
a. Cimetidine 
b. Rifampicin 
c. Ethambutol
d. Propanolol
158. An increase in blood glucose and an anti-inflammatory effect are essential effects of:
a. Epinephrine 
b. Glucagon
c. Cortisol 
d. Insulin
159. The following drug shows flu-like syndrome…………..
a. Rifampin 
b. Phenytoin 
b. Tetracycline
d. Pyrazinamide
160. The correct dosing frequency of antacid is….
a.Three times a day before a meal 
b.Three times a day before a meal 
c. One and 3 hours after each meal
d. As and when required after a meal
161. What is the wholesale price of an item sold at retail at Rs. 16.82 (if the
profit margin is 16%)?
a. Rs. 14.50 
b. Rs. 14.23 
c. Rs. 14.13
d. Rs. 14.128
162. Which one of the following methods is not an identification of a hearing-impaired
a.Loud voice of the customer 
b.Very slow voice of the customer 
c. Look at your face
d. Do not look at your face
163. …………… communicator will find a mutually acceptable solution.
a. An assertive 
b. A passive-aggressive 
c. An aggressive
d. A submissive
164. Empathy means ……………………
a. Having the capacity to convince people
b. Having the capacity to solve conflicts
c. Ability to identify or understand another's situation or feelings.
d. Ability to convince others by any mean
165. The rebound effect is more likely to be caused by ………………..
a. Pseudoephedrine 
b. Phenylephrine 
c. Xylometazoline
d. Terfenadine
166. What is the main focus of pharmaceutical care?
c. Patients
d. Patient chart
167. Healthy human volunteers are used in drug development for
a. Phase I
b. Phase III 
c. Phase II
d. Phase IV
168. A drug's concentration in a solution is 1.25 mg per milliliter. After administering the medication at 80 milligrams per hour, what is the recommended infusion rate of the solution per minute? Thirty drops in one milliliter
a. 64 
b. 2
c. 32 
d. 20
169. A patient receives long-term high-dose therapy with sulphonamide. After three weeks of
therapy, the patient has a low-grade fever, rash, and muscle and joint pain. Which type of
hypersensitivity accounts for these symptoms?
a. Type I 
b. Type III 
c. Type II
d. Type IV
170. Which one of the following statements regarding responding to symptoms is incorrect?
a. Family history should be taken while attending to symptoms of patients.
b. Minor symptoms can be managed by non-prescribing medication.
c. Effective questioning is essential to obtain relevant information.
d. Confirmation of symptoms described by the patient can be skipped on a need basis.
171. Except for one, all of the following are proton pump inhibitors.
a. Metronidazole 
b. Pantoprazole 
c. Omeprazole
d. Esomeprazole
172. Which one is not a medicine distribution system for inpatients?
a. Floor stock system 
b. Full course system 
c. Patient prescription system
d. Unit dose dispensing system
173. The most common method for managing drug inventory is
a. FIFO 
b. Potency 
c. Self-life
d. ABC system
174. Creatinine clearance is the measurement of
a. Renal excretion rate 
b. Active renal secretion
c. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) 
d. Drug metabolism rate
175. One of the following is known as a physical antidote
a. Activated charcoal 
b. Tannic acid 
c. Potassium permanganate
d. Milk of magnesia
176. The following phenomenon causes an optically active compound to rotate the polarized light's plane:
a. Reflection 
b. Refraction 
c. Diffraction
d. Absorption
177. A compound's molecular weight is determined and examined by:
a. A Mass Spectrometry
b. IR Spectroscopy 
c. NMR Spectroscopy
d. UV-Visible Spectroscopy
178. The indicator used to measure the amount of calcium in the test sample by direct titration with EDTA is:
a. Xylenol orange 
b. Pyrocatecal violet
c. Erichrome Black T 
d. Crystal Violet
179. The forces involved in Drug-Receptor interaction are all except:
a. Covalent bonding 
b. Ionic bonding 
c. Hydrogen bonding
d. Redox reaction
180. Biological oxidation and reduction occur during the following stages of biotransformation:
a. First Phase 
b. Entry phase 
c. Conjugation phase
d. Second Phase
181. If the ADR increases by the increase in dose, it is …….
a. Type A 
b. Type B
c. Type C 
d. Type D
182. All of the following are Neurotransmitters except:
a. GABA 
d. Inositol Triphosphate
183. Tick the medication that is not a Tricyclic Antidepressant:
b. Fluoxetine
c. Amitriptyline 
d. Imipramine
184. The antagonist for Diazepam is:
a. Naloxone 
c. Theabine
d. Flumazenil
185. Opium alkaloids are examples of?
a. Imidazole alkaloids 
b. Isoquinoline alkaloids 
c. Tropane alkaloids
d. Pyridine alkaloids
186. Which one of the following drugs contains pyridine alkaloids?
a. Coffee 
b. Lobelia 
c. Cocoa
187. Dried leaves and flowering tops of Stramonium contain hyoscyamine, which is a:
a. Purine alkaloids 
b. Tropane alkaloids 
c. Indole alkaloids
d. Isoquinoline alkaloids
188. One of the following compounds contains a 7-membered cycle in its structure:
A. Barbiturates 
B. Isoquinoline 
C. Benzodiazepines
D. ACE inhibitors
189. One of the following is not a Diazepam metabolite:
b. Lorazepam 
c. Oxazepam
d. Nordiazepam
190. The antidote for paracetamol poisoning is:
a. Charcol 
b. Acetyl Cystine 
c. Desferroxiamine
d. EDTA sodium.
191. One of the following is an antifolate antitumor drug:
a. Cyclophosphamide 
b. Methotrexate 
c. Busulphan
d. Chlorambucil.
192. The following is the measurement of the interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation:
a. UV-visible Spectrophotometry 
b. Flam Photometry 
c. IR Spectrophotometry
d. Photometric Techniques
193. An acid ionizes in water to produce:
a. Protons 
b. Ions 
c. Electrons
d. Neutrons
194. The number of gram-equivalents of a solute contained in one liter of solution:
a. Normality 
b. Molality 
c. Molarity
d. PPM
195. Quality management is a concept that includes:
a. QC 
b. GMP and QC 
c. QA
d. QA, QC, and GMP
196. Pure water is a:
a. Strong electrolyte 
b. pH dependent. 
c. Weak electrolyte
d. Poor buffer
197. The color of phenolphthalein titrating with a standard acid solution with a base in a conical
Flask is:
a. Pink 
b. Yellow 
c. Colorless
d. Orange
198. In reaction 4 Fe + 3 O2 → 2 Fe2O3, iron is:
a. Oxidizing agent 
b. Reducing agent 
c. Rusted
d. Reluctant
199. Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatography (UFLC) is based on:
a. Ultra speed 
b. Thin column 
c. Quick separation
d. Thick column
200. The titration of liberated iodine in a chemical reaction is known as:
a. Iodometry 
b. Alkalimetry
c. Acidimetry
d. Iodometry
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