SOP for Handling and Usage of Hazardous chemicals in Pharmaceutical Industry

1.0 Purpose:

1.1 Implementing procedures for the handling and use of hazardous chemicals.

2.0 Scope: 

This SOP shall be applicable for  Handling and Usage of Hazardous chemicals at (Company Nam and Address)

3.0 Responsibilities

QC Executive/ Designee: To understand the procedure and to apply it in practice.
QC-head/designee: To review the SOP and its implementation.
QA-Head/Designee: To approve the SOP.

4.0 Material and Equipment


5.0 Handling and Usage of Hazardous Chemicals.

5.1 Procedure

5.1.1 The chemicals labeled as per category and symbol are considered hazardous.
5.1.2 Always use protective means like hand gloves and safety goggles while handling hazardous chemicals.
5.1.3 Keep your distance from the hazardous container while pouring or siphoning the chemicals.
5.1.4 Always use the suction bulb or vacuum during the pipetting of chemical solution.
5.1.5 While preparing dilute sulphuric acid, first cool the aqueous solution in an ice bath and slowly add sulphuric acid to the solution with constant stirring
Note: Never follow the reverse procedure.
5.1.6 Keep inflammable liquids and substances away from naked flame or electric spark.
5.1.7 Analysts should handle ether-like chemicals carefully and not use them near flammable sources.
5.1.8 Clean the spillage as far as possible.
5.1.9 Handle the hazardous chemicals as per the material safety data sheet file available in the designated place of the quality control department.

6.0 Abbreviations

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
QC: Quality Control
QA: Quality Assurance

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